XXII. Policy Regarding Requests For Contributions



Article VIII, Section 8 of the bylaws authorizes the Board of Directors to use funds "not to exceed $1,500 a year for civic and community purposes without prior membership approval."

GHI recognizes its responsibility for conservation of corporation funds, however, as one of the largest organizations in Greenbelt, it has a civic responsibility to cooperate with other groups in the community and with other cooperatives regardless of location.

To apply for a contribution the organization will complete an application form, which will specify the amount requested, the purpose for which the funds will be used, and background information on the organization. A board or staff person may complete such a form on behalf of the applicants when this is appropriate.

The criteria that must be met prior to the Board 's authorizing a contribution are as follows:

  1. A majority of the board (minimum of 5 votes) must support the motion.
  2. First and second readings must be conducted.  If not, the usual procedures for suspending the rules must be followed and documented in the official minutes.
  3. The requesting group must be a not-for-profit organization according to IRS standards and must meet at least one of the following criteria:

a)  Is a cooperative

b)  Will use the donation for a purpose that will improve the quality of life in Greenbelt.

c)  Will use the donation specifically for the benefit of person(s) living in GHI.

    1. May be an organization that provides humanitarian services to the community at large, including GHI members in times of need.

    The Board is not required to give a donation to an organization even if it does meet the criteria. The Board should keep in mind that this money comes from members.  Any contribution from GHI should reflect the support of the corporation and not be just a financial contribution, which could just as well have come from individual members themselves .

    Making a contribution to an organization for services rendered is not proper use of these funds. Each request should be evaluated on its own merits for the current year. Criteria must be met each year.  Having been a previous recipient of a contribution does not necessarily mean future requests will result in contributions.

    Official minutes must document the name of the requesting group, the purpose of the donation, the amount of the donation and specify if the donation is to come from the contribution line item of the GHI budget.·

    It is recommended that the Board distribute contributions twice a year, preferably in March and September. Emergency requests for contributions may be acted upon at other times.