Authorization Form

Request for Reasonable Accommodation or Modification Form

The purpose of this form is to facilitate a request for a reasonable accommodation or modification. The RA Coordinator will assist the requestor in filling out the form. Any requests made orally have been transcribed by the RA Coordinator onto this form.

NOTE: This form has a "submit" button, but it is only operational if used from within a PDF program.  If, instead, you open this PDF in your browser, you will need to save it and submit it to: and

COVID-19 Fee Deferral Application

GHI's Board has established the Fee Deferral program for members experiencing income loss and other financial stresses during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The program provides for up to 4 months of deferred payment of coop fees.  A repayment plan will be scheduled through the GHI Finance Department with initial payment not required before January 2021.

Intent to Sell

Submit the Intent to Sell form to GHI staff at the GHI offices at Hamilton Place.

Occupancy List & Lockout Form

Inform Greenbelt Homes, Inc. of any changes in occupancy and list other persons authorized to enter your residence.

Antenna and Satellite Dish Notification Form

Note that the member or installer must also obtain all required County and City permits, including County electrical permit.  

Unlocking Crawl Space & Boiler Room Form

Boiler Rooms and Crawl Space areas under GHI town homes are classified as confined spaces. For safety and liability reasons, GHI enforces restrictions as to who can enter and what type of work should be performed in these areas.  The following form specifies procedures which shall be followed with regard to unlocking of crawl spaces: 

Fence Removal Request Form

After a GHI representative has reviewed and approved this agreement, a copy will be mailed to you and routed to the Maintenance Department authorizing a work order to remove your fence. 

Portable Storage Container Form

A member may be allowed to use his/her reserved parking space in a GHI court to place a portable storage container for one (1) week maximum in conjunction with a move-in/out or temporary loading situation. A form (obtainable from the Reception desk at the Administration Building ) providing information on the parking space identification and court, the reason for storage container use, and dates of placement in the parking space is required to be submitted to and authorized by the General Manager prior to placement of the container.

EZ-Pay Program Form

Members are able to have their monthly co-op fees electronically transferred from their individual bank accounts. Signing up for the program is very simple. Stop by the GHI office to pick-up an enrollment form, or download the application.  We'll be happy to fax or mail the form to you.  Once received, complete the form, sign it and return it to us.  If you don't have time to complete the form, simply sign it and return it to us along with a check on which you have written "void" we'll do the rest!