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Published by the GHI Communications Committee members and volunteers, this newsletter documents events, news and features within GHI's community. All members are encouraged to  contribute articles and photos.

June 2018

In this issue:

Solar, Woodlands at Center of GHI Annual Meeting

Dog Etiquette for Members with and without Dogs

March 2018

In this issue:

What Is Zoning, and How Does It Affect GHI?

"Walls-IN" HO-6 Insurance Coverage

December 2017

In this issue:

New Rain Garden at 20 Court Ridge Will Manage Storm Water

Who Leads GHI?

This Winter, Be Warmer in Your Home

September 2017

In this issue:

What Does the Future Hold?

A Neighborly Reminder

Yard Waste Pickup

Bulk/Special Trash Pickup

School is Open - Drive Carefully

May 2017

In this issue:

Woodlands of GHI

Why Should You Clean Up Pet Waste?

Help Choose GHI Leadership

April 2017

In this issue:

What To Do For Your Garden & Lawn in April

Help Decide GHI's Direction

Responses To Questions Asked During the Town Hall Meeting Available Online

Volunteers Needed For Committees

March 2017

In this issue:

In Case You Missed the Town Hall Meeting

Important Information For The 2017 Cohort Of The Homes Improvement Program

Financing Improvements to Additions During the Homes Improvement Program

GHI Will Not Pursue Washington Gas' Proposal to Provide Gas At This Time

February 2017

In this issue:

What Is GHI

Gurgling Sounds Or Higher Bills May Mean Pipe Problems

Yard Solutions Survey

Reminder: How Your Row Can Become Smoke-Free

January 2017

In this issue:

Help Wanted: Your Co-Op

Board Strategic Plan Highlights Enormous Workload for Co-Op

Town Halll Meeting January 29

2017 GHI Budget Available Online

November 2016

In this issue:

Heading to Vote?  You May Recognize GHI Members

Grant Will Help GHI Members With Excessive Clutter

Member Handbook Updates

October 2016

In this issue:

Doors And Storm Doors: A Homes Improvement Program Choice

Who's Responsible? Quick Reminders

GHI Technology Survey

September 2016

In this issue:

Fan and Radiant Heaters

Have You Seen A Boundary Marker?

GHI Is Changing Banks - What Does This Mean For You

Updates To The Member Handbook

August 2016

In this issue:

Optional HIP Improvement: Digital Thermostat

Task Force Reports On Preserving Historic Greenbelt

August is Fire Awareness Month in GHI

Find GHI Boundary Markers To Help The Woodlands Committee

July 2016

In this issue:

A Farewell: Cultivating Community from GHI to South Africa

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Join the Member Outreach Committee

Task Force on Yards Seeks Members

June 2016

In this issue:

Optional HIP Improvement: Siding Replacement & Insulation Upgrades

Members Thoughtfully Debate, Vote at Annual Meeting

Proposed Parking Rules Changes

Get Outdoor & Enjoy Our Woodlands

Love Your Co-op?  Promote GHI on Social Media

Got Insurance?

May 2016

In this issue:

With The Help of GHI Members, Old Greenbelt theatre Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Conducting Business At a GHI Meeting: Actions & Motions

Yard Inspections Begin in May

Garden Contest Deadline is June 15

April 2016

In this issue:

Optional HIP Improvement: Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

First GHI Member "Goes Solar"

Spring Plant Swap

March 2016

In this issue:

Spring Cleaning: How To Get Rid of Unwanted Items Through Donation & Re-Gifting

Can You Help Lead GHI's Future?

5 Year Schedule for Homes Improvements Program Released

Share Your Ideas for Soundproofing GHI Homes

February 2016

In this issue:

Reclaim: One of the Three R's of Small Space Living

Homes Improvement Program Tips For Members With Companion Animals

Insurance Requirements From Lenders

Winter Weather Procedures

January 2016

In this issue:

When Snow and Ice Don't Make Everything Nice

Stefan Brodd Selected to Fill Vacant Board Seat

An Update on GHI Finances: Key 2016 Budget Priorities

New GHI Legislative & Government Affairs Committee Seeks Members

Red Added as Door Color Option for HIP

Updates to Member Handbook

December 2015

In this issue:

First Impressions: New Member Perspectives On Living In GHI & Greenbelt

A Cornucopia Of Celebrations

Board Meeting Actions Related to HIP

November 2015

In this issue:

Update On Crawl Space Work, Cost And Timeline

Thankful For GHI'S "STAR" Employees

New Marketing & Pre-Purchase Orientation Videos Released

October 2015

In this issue:

Jack O'Lanterns and other Halloween Traditions in GHI

October is National Co-op Month

Attend the City's Annual Health Fair

HIP Survey FAQ

HIP Website Updated

Recent Board Actions and Committee Activity Information

HIP: Loan and Crawlspace Financial Information Flyer

September 2015

In this issue:

How Your Cooperative Board Makes Decisions

New Marketing & Pre-Purchase Orientation Videos To Debut At Old Greenbelt Theater

Community-Wide Open House: September 13 From 12-3p.m.

PEPCO Tree Trimming

Homes Improvement Program Begins

August 2015

In this issue:

The First Electric Car-Charging Station in GHI

Process for Selecting Homes for H.I.P. Work During 2016

New Carbon Monoxide Regulations for Homes in Prince George's County

Updates to Member Handbook

New Member Social

Dog Days of Summer

July 2015

In this issue:

Announcing the "Think small/Live LARGE" Campaign

2015/2016 Board of Directors' Officers

Homes Improvement Program Update

Guest House Closure

Social Media Policy

GHI Staff has some new faces

June 2015

In this issue:

GHI Election Results

Rain Barrels: A Good Way to Manage Water Runoff & Care for Your Garden

Renovation Idea: Create an Upstairs Laundry

Homes Improvement Program Financing

GHI in the Labor Day Parade

May 2015

In this issue:

Pilot Program Nears Completion

Keeping Animals Out of Your Trash

Annual Meeting

Answers to Your Homes Improvement Program

Pet Reminder

April 2015

In this issue:

Beautifying GHI Common Areas Together

GHI Needs You!  Attend our Ice Cream Social and Candidates' Forum

Town Hall Meeting Q&A and Video

Update to Member Handbook

Board Reinstates Policy to Collect Working Capital Contribution





March 2015

In this issue:

Home Improvements: Do I Need a Permit?

Finance Tip: Lowering Your Property Taxes

Town Hall Meeting Q&A and Video

Ice Cream Social - Learn More About How You Can Serve Your Co-op

New Online Fee Payment Process Coming

February 2015

In this issue:

Why You Should Have Your Own Insurance Policy

A Message from Your Finance Department

Nominations & Elections Committee Seeks Candidates for Elected Office

Crawl Space Survey

Solar Hot Water Heaters Now Permitted with Approval

January 2015

In this issue:

Is 2015 Your Year to Serve as a GHI Office Holder?

What is a  Swale and Why Is There One in My Yard?

New Policy for Electric Vehicle Charging

2015 GHI Budget

Comment on Proposed Changes to Rules for Privacy Screens

Brenda Lewis, HR Director is Retiring

New Year, New Chance to Volunteer for Your Coop

December 2014 - Special Edition

In this issue:

Homes Improvement Project (H.I.P.) Update

Update on Proposed Remediation Project for Crawlspaces

December 2014

In this issue:

Winter's Here: How to Be Safe & Warm

Homes Improvement Program Update & Upcoming Meetings

2014 Year-In-Review: A Top Ten List

Are You HIP? Volunteer to be a Liaison for the Homes Improvement Program

New Payment Delinquency Policy

November 2014

In this issue:

Do You Know Where Your Yard Line Ends?

Are You a Good Neighbor?

Bathroom Renovation Contest Photos

Correction to Handbook Replacement Pages

October 2014

In this issue:

GHI Brought Fun and Bubbles to the Labor Day Festival

2014/2015 Board of Directors Officers

Fire Prevention Week

Member Picnic and Volunteer Appreciation Celebration

2014 Treemendous Program

September 2014

In this issue:

Don't Dump Yard Waste; Call For Pick Up

Rain or Shine, Snow or Sleet, GHI Carriers Bring You Co-op News

Homes Improvement Program Planning Meetings

Addition Renovation Contest

August 2014

In this issue:

Smart Ideas for Small Living: Finding a Place for Everything

President's Message: We are the Co-op's Caretakers

July 2014

In this issue:

GHI Court Socials

Members Encouraged to Spay/Neuter Companion Animals

Annual Meeting Election & Bylaws Results

Can You Help GHI Celebrate Labor Day?

June 2014

In this issue:

Loving our Beautiful Woodlands Also Means Controlling Invasive Species
2014 Community Beautification Program Kicks Off
Changes in the GHI Maintenance Department

May 2014

In this issue:

Member Impressions: Phase Two of Pilot Program-Block and Frame Homes

Your Vote Matters: Annual Meeting Will Be Held on May 15th

Meet the Candidates for GHI Leadership

Thinking of Selling Your Home? Have Friends Looking to Buy in GHI?

April 2014

In this issue:

Highlights From Recent Town Hall Meeting

Homes Improvement Program

Water Heater Replacement Program Kicks Off

March 2014

In this issue:

Kitchen Magic

Running for a GHI Office

Bathroom Renovation Contest Underway

Townhall Meeting

February 2014

In this issue:

Member Impressions: Phase Two of the Pilot Program

Why Marketing GHI Should Matter to You

Proof of Homeowner's Insurance

Co-op Payments Made Easy

January 2014

In this issue:

Volunteers - A Driving Force Behind Our Co-op

Kitchen Renovation Contest Winners

Proposed Bylaws Changes

December 2013

In this issue:
  • Holiday Traditions in Greenbelt
  • 2013 Community Beautification Awards
  • Gutter Cleaning & Inspections
  • Guesthouse Rental
  • Leaf Bags Available for Purchase

November 2013

In this issue:
  • Composting 101
  • New Member Social
  • Fall Contract Work

October 2013

In this issue:
  • Labor Day Festival
  • Phase two Pilot Program
  • Kitchen Renovation Contest

Summer 2013

In this issue:
  • Annual Meeting
  • Board Actions
  • Educating, Recruiting, and Planning for GHI
  • Community Beautification

Spring 2013

In this issue:
  • Can You Help GHI Move Into the Future?
  • Moving Forward in 2013
  • Last Communicator Newsletter?
  • New Member Social
  • Remembering Dorothy Lauber

Winter 2012

In this issue:
  • President's Message
  • 2012 Member Satisfaction
  • Hoarding Policy
  • Sign Language Interpreters

Fall 2012

In this issue:
  • President's Message
  • Pilot Program Update
  • Pepco Upgrade
  • Tree-Mendous Program
  • Member Picnic

Summer 2012

In this issue:
  • President's Message
  • Greenbelt Co-op Alliance
  • New Shed Rules
  • Homeowners' Tax Credit
  • Peace Month
  • CAC: Animal Waste

Spring 2012

In this issue:
  • President's Message
  • Elections 2012
  • Spring Brings New Growth, and Perennial Projects
  • How Does Your Garden Grow?
  • Canopy Trees Save Money and Wildlife
  • Community Beautification Program
  • So Many Playgrounds


In this issue:
  • Eldon Ralph Named New General Manager
  • Volunteer Awards
  • Tribute to Dorothy Lauber
  • Phase 2 Pilot Project
  • Tips for Staying Warm
  • A Close Knit Group


In this issue:

Thanks for the Memories, President's Message, Board Highlights, GHI's Next General Manager, Who's Who in GHI, Communications Survey Results, Member Musings: Walking Dogs, Fall Yard Care, Free Leaf Pick up, Maintenance Calendar, GHI Annual Member Picnic, Did you know? Thank You, Brenda, What's Happening.

June/July/August 2011

In this issue:

President's Message, Board Highlights, Community Upgrade, Hoarding Policy, Summer Heat, New GHI Website, The Magic of Northway, Gardening Secrets, GHI Administrative Buildings to Use Wind Power, Prevent Drainage Problems, Insurance Disclaimer, Prevent Pet Obesity, It's a Date.

March/April 2011

In this issue:

President's Message, Community Tree Planting, Board Contact Information, Board Highlights, GHI Election Schedule, Electrical Safety, Electrical FAQs, GHI Recycling Pays Off, Home Fires-Are You Protected?, GHI Administrative Buildings to Use Wind Power, Reaching Members, Who's Who, It's a Date, Maintenance Schedule.

January/February 2011

In this issue:

President's Message, Board Contact Information, Board Meeting Highlights, Investing in Our Future: Upgrade Pilot Program, Volunteers & GHI, Holiday Tree Collection, Thank You Ann Marie, Emergency Snow Response, Handling Parking Problems, Who's Who, It's a Date, Maintenance Schedule, January 23 Workshop

November/December 2010

In this issue:

President's Message, Handbook Updates, Board Highlights, 2010 GHI Committee, Highlights, How GHI Protects Your Personal Information, Money Matters, Fire at 6, Court Ridge Road, It's a Date, Maintenance Schedule

September/October 2010

In this issue:

President's Message, Board Contact Information, Board Highlights, New GHI Garage Policy, Homestead Tax Credit, Update: Community Upgrade Program, Become a GHI Ambassador, GHI Annual Picnic, MAC Name Change, Fall Yard Care is in the Bag, It's a Date, Maintenance Schedule, Leaf Bag Pick-up, TreeMendous Maryland Program

July/August 2010

In this issue:

Web Work Group, Board Contact Information, Board Highlights, BZZZZ! They're Back!, Scoop the Poop and Help the Planet!, 2010 Annual Meeting Wrap-Up, GHI Parking Policy, Lawrence Apartments Purchase Update, GHI Gutter Repairs, Beautification Winners, It's a Date, Maintenance Schedule 

May/June 2010

In this issue:

President's Message, Board Contact Information, Board Highlights, Member Handbook Updates, Exceptions to GHI Regulations, GHI Haiku Winners, Who's Who in GHI, What is GDC?, Lessons about Snowstorms, Election Information, It's a Date, Maintenance Schedule, Free-Roaming Cats Are a Nuisance and a Danger, GHI Bright Ideas

March/April 2010

In this issue:

President's Message, Board Contact Information, Board Highlights, Crescent Road Boundary Line Update, Bright Ideas, Preparing for Future, Rehab: Pilot Project, Weatherization Assistance Information, Who's Who in GHI, GHI Election Schedule, It's a Date, Maintenance Schedule

January/February 2010

In this issue:

President's Message, Board Contact Information, Board Highlights,  CAC Message, Energy Audit Report, Notes from 'Be Warmer Workshop', Recycle your Christmas Tree, Who's Who at GHI, New Year Resolutions, It's A Date, Maintenance Schedule, Important 2010 Tax Info 

November/December 2009

In this issue:

Board Contact Information, Board Highlights, Cooperative Roles, Energy Audit Status, Finance Committee Budget Recommendations, Winter Tips, Who's Who at GHI, Verizon FiOS Coming to GHI, GHI Maintenance Corner, It's A Date, Maintenance Schedule, How to Submit Articles

September/October 2009

In this issue:

President's Message, Board Contact Information, Board Highlights, Property Tax Changes, We Need You!, Spotlight: The Member and Community Relations Committee, Refinancing Tips, GHI Maintenance: Working to Serve You Better, GHI Maintenance Dept.Emergency Services, Fall Yard Care, It's A Date, Help Wanted 

July/August 2009

In this issue:

Message from President, Board Contact Information, Board Highlights, Replacement Reserves, Satellite Dish Placement, Lost Animal Program, House & Garden Tour, Yard Line FAQs, Who's Who at GHI, GHI Bright Ideas, Farmers Market, It's A Date, Maintenance Schedule, How to Submit Articles 

May/June 2009

In this issue:

Message from President, Board Contact Information, Board Highlights, WSSC Pipe Update, Pest Management Article, 'Green' Garden Article, House & Garden Tour, Energy Survey Results, It's A Date, Maintenance Schedule

March/April 2009

In this issue:

Message from President, Contact Information, Board Highlights, Spring is for Yard Work, Less Trash More Recycling, Spotlight: Marketing Com., GHI Ad Contest, Election Schedule & Deadlines, Rain Barrel Article, Who's Who at GHI, It's A Date, Maintenance Schedule 

January/February 2009

In this issue:

Message from President, Contact Information, Board Highlights, N&E Wants to Hear, From You, GHI Bright Ideas, Fire Prevention Tips, Yard Line FAQs, Energy Bill Assistance, Spotlight: Buildings Com., Tips for Winter, It's A Date, Maintenance Schedule 

November/December 2008

In this issue:

Message from President, Contact Information, Board Highlights, Nominations Committee, GHI Bright Ideas, Who's Who at GHI, Yard Line FAQs, Tips for Winter, Submit Your Pictures, It's A Date, Maintenance Schedule 

September/October 2008

In this issue:

Message from President, Contact Information, Board Highlights, Fall Gardening Ideas/Tips, GHI Bright Ideas, GHI Homes Hold Value, Ad Hoc Yard line Comm., Companion Animal Com., Who's Who at GHI, WSSC Project Update, Rain Barrels at GHI, Submit Pictures Info, It's A Date, Maintenance Schedule

July/August 2008

In this issue:

Message from President, Contact Information, Board Highlights, GHI Animal Complaints, Droughts & Gardening, Who's Who at GHI, Spotlight: Member &  Community Relations Committee, Help Wanted, Book Review, Greener Greenbelt Initiative, Join a Committee, It's A Date

May/June 2008

In this issue:

Message from President, Board Highlights, Contact Information, Bright Ideas, Handbook Updates, Who's Who at GHI, Online Fence Survey Info, Beautification Program, House and Garden Tour, Relocating Wildlife, Pesticides and Wildlife, Drain Stoppages, It's A Date/ Calendars

March/April 2008

In this issue:

Message from President, Board Highlights, Contact Information, Bright Ideas, Pest Control Update, N&E Schedule, Board Schedule, Tax Reminder Info, Handbook Updates, How to Maintain Your Bathroom Tiles, It's A Date, GHI Selling/Buying Tips 

January/February 2008

In this issue:

Message from President, Board Highlights, Who's Who at GHI, Why Insure With HO-6?, Board Schedule, Anti-Harassment Insert, Contact Information, It's a Date, Handbook Updates, Submission Information, Animal Care

November/December 2007

In this issue:

Message from President, Board Highlights, Who's Who at GHI, Keep COOP Fees Down, CAC Provides Oxygen Masks, Community Recipes, Communications Committee, It's A Date, Legislative Committee, GHI Receives Raingarden Grant

September/October 2007

In this issue:

Message from President, GHI Taxes, Meet New GHI Board Members, Who's Who at GHI, And the Winners Area, Board Highlights, Contact Information, It's A Date, Disability Connection, Too Much Plastic? Did You Know?