Ad-Hoc Yard Line Task Force


In 2004, the Board set up the Ad Hoc Yard Line Task Force to ensure that each GHI unit has one board-certified plat, the document that specifies the dimensions of that unit's yard space. The Committee advises the Board on establishing the yard lines for each unit.

Read more about yard line descriptions.

Major Activities: 
  • Reviewing, court-by-court, all members' yard lines.
  • Recommending, for Board certification, the plats for each GHI unit.
  • Communicating with members and considering member input before each yard plat is presented to the Board.
  • Recommending changes to the Members Handbook to make yard line determinations easier, to treat members fairly, and to benefit our cooperative.
  • Dianne Wilkerson, Chair
  • Helen Cornejo
  • Jeannette Grotke
  • Ginny Jones
  • Patricia Novinski
  • Roger Bonifacio, Staff liaison
Contact Information: 
  • Write to the Committee care of Technical Services at GHI:
  • Email the Committee,
  • Contact Roger Bonifacio, Staff liaison 301-474-6011 x 149