Audit Committee


A three-member Audit Committee, whose duties are described in Article VII Section 2 of the GHI Bylaws, monitors the overall operations of GHI and presents its findings and conclusions to the members in an annual report.  

Major Activities: 
  • Audit Committee members may attend all regular, special, and executive sessions of the Board of GHI and its subsidiary, Greenbelt Development Corp.
  • The Audit Committee has access to all records, papers, and documents of the cooperative and independently reviews the annual audited financial statements with the auditor.  
  • The Audit Committee may respond to member inquiries and conduct investigations.
  • The Audit Committee prepares an annual report to the membership on the committee's activities and findings.
  • The Audit Committee has an annual budget appropriation of $7,500 for conducting its work.
Opportunites for Member Involvement: 

GHI members who wish to run for the Audit Committee should contact the Nominations and Elections Committee.

Contact Information: 

Write to Audit Committee, GHI Office One Hamilton Place, Greenbelt MD 20770.