Buildings Committee


The Buildings Committee advises the Board on maintenance, repair, and improvement programs for existing GHI buildings, and acquisition of new buildings. The Committee's recommendations include the following tasks:

  • Review capital improvement and replacement reserve plans;
  • Review plans and/or prioritize for implementation of major repair, rehabilitation, and improvement projects;
  • Analyze proposals for acquisition of new buildings to generate income for GHI; and
  • Review and recommend maintenance policies with regard to the breakdown of responsibilities between GHI and its members.
Major Activities: 
  • Develop recommendations for a pilot program for testing alternatives for energy efficiency upgrades for the different types of GHI houses.
  • Develop recommendations from the pilot program results for energy efficiency upgrades to all GHI houses as part of a community-wide upgrade that includes replacement of house components that are included in the Replacement Reserves Program.
  • Coordinate with the Architectural Review Committee and the Finance Committee in making recommendations on the material components and financing of the pilot program and the community-wide upgrade.
  • Share information and ideas about the pilot program and energy efficiency upgrades with GHI members, and address member questions and concerns, through forums such as the January 23, 2011, GHI Town Hall Meeting.
  • Plan and conduct workshops for GHI members on inexpensive ways to keep their houses cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Develop recommendations for the future of the Addition Maintenance Program.
  • Develop recommendations for installing active solar power technology on GHI administration property.
Opportunites for Member Involvement: 
  • GHI members are welcome to participate in Buildings Committee meetings, which are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the GHI Administration Building boardroom.
  • The Buildings Committee has an active "friends" group, each member of which is involved in the committee's planning and activities at whatever level of involvement the member chooses. Buildings Committee friends receive all agendas, meeting summaries, and other relevant committee material. GHI members who wish to become a committee friend may contact Joseph Ralbovsky at the number and e-mail address below.
  • Joseph Ralbovsky, Chair
  • Deborah Mckinley, Board Liaison
  • Chuck Hess
  • Richard Menis
  • Elizabeth Shepard
  • Steve Skolnik
  • Erin Bilyeu
  • Ed James
  • Daniel Walfield
  • Steve Skolnik
  • Jim Morris, staff liaison
Contact Information: