Companion Animal Committee



To advocate for the proper care and well-being of companion animals in GHI.  The Committee will work with Member Services staff to resolve companion animal issues and provide resource information to members (with and without companion animals) regarding animal-related issues.

Major Activities: 
  • Serve as a resource to the Board of Directors, staff and members on companion-animal issues; such as, responsible guardianship, animal-related incidents and Board requests, state/county/local ordinances concerning animals, and disaster preparedness.
  • Continuously educate the membership regarding animal-related issues by participating in activities in GHI and the City, such as staffing tables at the GHI annual meeting, Labor Day information table and contributing articles and other materials to the GHI website and in the GHI Newsletter “The Communicator.”
  • Make recommendations to the Board as requested by the Board.
  • Continue to recruit members to serve on the CAC.
  • Kris White, Chair
  • Deborah Cooley
  • Midge Cruz
  • Ellen Weiss
  • Melissa R'Kingsley
  • Irvin Wartell
  • Eldridge Brown
  • Catherine Hardy
  • Steve Skolnik, (Board liaison)
  • George Bachman, Staff liaison