Finance Committee


The Finance Committee assists the GHI Board in maintaining, protecting, and enhancing GHI's assets, while preserving the financial stability and sustainability of our cooperative community. Included in the committee's mission is:

  • Being concerned with GHI's financial records and corporate affairs;
  • Together with the Audit Committee,  recommending auditors;
  • Reviewing and making appropriate recommendations to the Board on the annual budget.
  • Considering the economic impact of policy recommendations on the individual members and on our entire cooperative and report their findings to the Board. 
Major Activities: 
  • Making recommendations to the Board on how to finance the Community-wide Upgrade and Pilot Program.
  • Informing members about the changes in how GHI real estate taxes are distributed and about the Homestead Tax Credit.
Opportunites for Member Involvement: 

Members are welcome to attend the Finance Committee meetings, which are held each month on the Thursday that falls between Board meetings. You may fill out a Volunteer Interest Form if you wish to become involved with the work of the Committee. 

  • Chuck Hess, (Chair and Board Liaison)
  • Bill Jones
  • Maria Silvia Miller
  • Pam Bozzi
  • Ed James, (Board Liaison)
  • Joe Perry, Staff Liaison 301-474-6011 x 1133
Issues and Proceedings: