Finance Committee


FINANCE COMMITTEE CHARTER: PURPOSE: To be concerned with the financial records and affairs of the Corporation; in conjunction with the Audit Committee recommend to the board auditors with scope of services; to review and make appropriate recommendations to the Board on the annual budget; to consider the economic impact of policy recommendations on the individual members and on the Corporation as a whole.

Opportunites for Member Involvement: 

Members are welcome to attend the Finance Committee meetings, which are held each month on the Thursday that falls between Board meetings. You may fill out a Volunteer Interest Form if you wish to become involved with the work of the Committee. 

  • Chuck Hess, Chair
  • Jason Luly
  • Bill Jones
  • Maria Silvia Miller
  • Pam Bozzi
  • Ed James, Board liaison
  • Stephen Holland
  • Joe Perry, Staff Liaison 301-474-6011 x 1133