Woodlands Committee


The Woodlands Committee makes recommendations concerning the management, maintenance and preservation of the GHI Woodlands and other common green space (i.e. non-personal use space); to advise the board of the benefits and drawbacks of various forest and landscape management practices; to at least annually review compliance with any forest management plan in effect and recommend changes as needed; to periodically review GHI's policies regarding the woodlands and the common green space and recommend changes as needed; to physically inspect the woodlands and common green space areas at least annually and report any problems to the Board; to communicate with stakeholders interested in the activities of the Woodlands Committee; and to organize and promote projects where members can assist in the care of the woodlands and the common green space.

Major Activities: 
  • Oversees the Forest Conservation Management Agreement (FCMA) plan for the GHI woodlands and recommends changes as needed.
  • Advises the GHI Board and members on forest management activities, preservation of the GHI woodlands, and other plant issues within the community.
  • Coordinates annual surveys of the woodlands and report to the Board.
  • Periodically reviews GHI's forest management and planting policies and recommend changes as necessary.
  • Organizes and promotes activities that educate GHI members in the care and understanding of the woodlands, including its trails, plants, and animals.

Opportunites for Member Involvement: 

Members are welcome to participate in the Woodlands Committee meetings, which are held on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the GHI administrative building. Meetings are open to all GHI members and the general public. Membership is open to any GHI member. Activities, projects, and meetings are generally free and open to all interested individuals.

  • Ben Fischler (Chair)
  • Lynn Slater Vice-Chair
  • Lori Dominick,
  • Ethel Dutkey
  • Michael Chesnes
  • Bryan Bruns
  • Pat Holobaugh
  • Zachary Conron
  • Ronnie Sookram, Staff liaison
Contact Information: