GHI is offering special awards to recognize those members and courts that are going above-and-beyond to make our community a beautiful place in which to live. Several awards will be given to exemplary individual yards and courts in the following categories: Best Sunny Yard, Best Shady Yard, and Best Curb Appeal Court.

Member yards and overall court appearance will be evaluated by GHI staff and two member representatives based on initial inspection reports. Yards receiving an "excellent" rating during the first round of inspections will automatically qualify for entry into the awards program. Awards will be given to the yards demonstrating the most attractive landscaping and upkeep in the appropriate category. For the Best Curb Appeal Court Award, the overall appearance and upkeep of all yards in the court will be evaluated. Not all yards in a court need be "excellent" to qualify for competition in this category.

Award winners will receive special commendations from GHI and will be publicly recognized in the fall issue of the Communicator. All "excellent curb appeal" yards will be commended for their great work.