Communications Committee and Marketing Committee

This committee meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the GHI Administration Building located at One Hamilton Place. All members are invited to attend and share their talents.



The goals of the committee are to enhance communication with and among members of the Cooperative and the staff of Greenbelt Homes, Inc. (GHI), as well as to communicate with external audiences to support, maintain, and promote our Cooperative through informing, educating, and reporting. The committee’s charge is to use the most current technologies and creativity to solidify and promote GHI’s brand as representative of a premier and successful cooperative. The committee will use a variety of channels, including print, electronic and social media, video, and promotional events (when appropriate). We will provide strategic direction across these platforms to assist the Board and staff of GHI in their efforts to improve communications and marketing focused on consistent brand and identity that will foster effective and quality internal and external communications that reflect a leading cooperative in accordance with the vision of the Board.

Our work reflects the spirit of our Cooperative and includes collaboration with and among other GHI committees. Our ongoing charge is also to recruit new talent that helps ensure our work is sustainable over time, remains relevant to the membership, and uses all technologies and methods that speak to the needs of the membership and GHI’s broader community to sustain a viable, active, and progressive cooperative.

We welcome and encourage members to join us as Friends of the Committee. These Friends are members who cannot regularly attend meetings and/or who wish to contribute their time or expertise to the committee or a specific committee project of limited duration. Friends of the Committee may elect to receive committee communications.

Our values reflect the five C’s of good communication:

1. Collaboration

We work together as a team.

2. Cooperation

We respect each other as team members.

3. Creativity

We welcome new ideas and new ways to improve communications.

4. Clarity

We work to ensure our message is clear, accurate, and understood by our constituents.

5. Consistency

We work to ensure our communications are timely, reliable, regularly occurring and reflective of a uniformity of style and substance that elevates the brand of our Cooperative.

In collaboration with the GHI Staff Liaison, the Committee oversees and produces the following internal print communications vehicles. The Process and Procedures Committee documents shall serve as guidelines for production and clarify the responsibilities of the parties involved.  Future changes to the current publication schedules (quarterly, monthly), which have budgetary implications, require Board and Committee approval.

  1. Monthly Communicator Newsletter and inserts
  2. As needed announcements in the Greenbelt News Review

The Communications Committee also regularly reviews and contributes to enhancement of the following electronic communications vehicles, which are produced and maintained by GHI staff:

  1. GHI E-News
  2. GHI Website
  3. GHI Facebook page and Twitter feed

Where possible, Communications Committee also assists in monitoring and/or contributing content to the following external communications vehicles that are relevant to GHI members and impact the external image of our Cooperative to the community at large:

  1. Greenbelters Listserv
  2. Greenbelt News Review
  3. Greenbelt Patch website

The Committee may also work on special projects throughout the year as directed by the Board, such as communications policies, surveys, brochures or staffing special events.

Marketing Committee

The purpose of the Marketing Committee is to (1) promote the cooperative, (2) to attract new members to the cooperative and (3) to support members who are preparing to sell their memberships.

Responsibilities include:

  • Finding opportunities to promote the cooperative.
  • Planning events to promote the cooperative.
  • Making connections with nearby large employers, such as the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC), Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), the University of Maryland (UM), and Fort Meade.
  • To encourage inclusiveness and diversity.
  • To connect with other cooperatives in the Washington-Baltimore area.
  • To support the Pre-Purchase Orientations
  • To organize and conduct at least two open houses per year of homes on the market.

The Marketing Committee will submit a written annual report to the Board of Directors reflecting its activities and accomplishments of the past year and its plans for the coming year.

Major Activities: 
  • Provide content for, edit, and publish the Communicator, a monthly newsletter covering news and features for members.
  • Advise the Board of Directors on media issues, including use of social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Assist in providing content for announcements in the weekly E-News and Greenbelt News Review.
Opportunites for Member Involvement: 
  • Members are welcome to participate in the committee meetings, which are usually held on the fourth Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the GHI Administration Building.
  • Members familiar with media issues, including social media, are invited to help develop GHI policy on these issues.
  • Editors, writers, photographers, illustrators, and cartoonists are welcome to contribute.
  • All members are invited to submit story ideas for the Communicator.
  • Carol Griffith, Co-chair
  • Anna Socrates
  • Jenny Jurlings
  • Karen Gregoire
  • Vince Wilding
  • James Whipple, Board Liaison
  • Kenneth Shields, Co-chair
  • Julie Winters
  • Christine Gyemfi, Staff Liaison, 301-474-4161 x 1147,