Architectural Review Committee


The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors about those aspects of the enhancement and maintenance of homes, other structures, yards, and built elements in common areas (e.g., paving, lighting, railings, playgrounds & equipment).  The recommendations will be guided by the following committee tasks:

  • reviewing requests for exceptions to GHI rules regarding those matters;
  • examining those rules periodically and proposing any necessary changes that would better serve the interests of the Cooperative and its members;
  • initiating recommendation in accordance with the Committee's charge and;
  • performing any other tasks assisgned by the Board.

 ARC members are

  • Lola Skolnik, (Chair)
  • Zoe Carter-Woodbridge, (Board liaison)
  • Pat Novinski
  • Elizabeth Shepard
  • Sabrina Baron
  • Diana McFadden
  • Mara Whitney
  • Barbara Stevens
  • Stuart Caplan, Staff liaison
Issues and Proceedings: